Chocolatey – Package installation on Windows

Coming from a Linux environment, the Windows eco-system seems a bit frugal, at least from a developer point of view. However once you find NuGet and that it is included in Visual Studio, things seem a little bit more promising. However it does not end there….
Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows built on NuGet. It has a central repository and if choosing to install a package all it’s dependencies are also downloaded like rpm and apt on Linux. Nice!
Decided to give it a try and headed over to the Chocolatey site. The install command looks frightening but it is quite easy – just start powershell as administrator and copy & paste the install command from start page. Now Chocolatey is installed!
The site contains a large package directory divided into ‘approved’ packages and ‘waiting for moderation’. Packages having the status ‘waiting for moderation’ is used on your own risk since they have not been revised.
The first three packages installed using the Chocolately utility: choco

Cmder – finally a descent shell on windows with all linux commands like ssh etc.
> choco install cmder
Python – the python programming environment
choco install python
Pip – tool making installing python libs easy
> choco install pip
Filezilla – makes ftp and sftp easy on windows
> choco install pip


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